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The project

A chance for you to Be the Movement

This project was designed to showcase our beautiful marine life. Through out its development, the movement of animals became a core feature.


We often associate body language and the way in which we move with judgement, the side-to-side motion of a shark dorsal fin cutting through the water, society shivers. But the angelic and flamboyant movement of a sea lion dancing through the water, society stands in awe.


Its time we left our minds behind and focus on the beauty in front of us, express vulnerability and accept what we see, to Be the Movement we wish to be.


SDX are an Ocean Adventure company, that provide any keen ocean enthusiast the opportunity to undertake scuba training, shore and boat-based recreational diving and offshore Shark snorkel tours.

During my time as an intern (both summer and winter), I not only shot for my personal project 'Be the Movement', but I was part of a multidisciplinary and compassionate team of ocean lovers.


I learnt the ways of the water and the beautiful animals that inhabit it, and I had the remarkable opportunity to meet and work alongside Amos Noucham and Kyle McBurnie, award-winning BBC and Nat Geo photographers and filmmakers.

This work wasn't only to showcase our wonderful marine life, to move you and create a sense of understanding of our deep sea creatures, but it was an homage to the amazing team behind SDX. 


Without the likes of this amazing and very dedicated team, I wouldn't have been able to produce this project, which I am extremely proud of.



My final piece was part of a photography exhibition in Bristol named biota.

biota expresses the animal and plant life behind the work of many passionate photographers and filmmakers.

The exhibition displayed work from over six continents, all with a common goal, to immerse you into our wonderful marine world.