Research Assistant - Dolphin Alliance Project, Shark Bay, Australia

Here, I worked as a research assistant, conducting surveys and focal follows of Alliance behaviours of juvenile male Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins


I am proficient in photo ID and fin-matching (both in practise and with project electronic databases, e.g. ACDSee, FinBase, Access) and have extensive knowledge of bioacoustics research protocol and spectrogram analysis using Adobe Audition


This experience involved long field work hours, general crew duties onboard a 19ft Quintrex Aliminium research vessel, boat maintenance, data entry, management and report writing

photographer and diver - SD Expeditions, California, San Diego

This internship allowed me to gain professional experience as a marine photographer, working alongside Nat Geo and BBC filmmakers Kyle McBurnie and Amos Nachoum


My main roles included leading scuba diving tours, shark snorkel tours and provide professional image packages for guests during their experience


It also included general crew and deckhand duties on two vessels (42ft and 25ft) with regular boat and equipment maintenance and passenger safety briefings

marine mammal medic - British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Here, I am a 24 hour on-call medic, providing assistance for distressed and stranded marine animals in the UK.


I now have extensive experience with animal rescue, care, recording, transport and rehabilitation procedures with large marine mammals.

I have been a Marine Mammal Medic for 4 fours and have been featured on BBC, together with other volunteers for our efforts in Cornwall rescues.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1005&cntnt01origid=54&cntnt01returnid=54

necropsy technician - Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme

My time as a necropsy technician allows me to contribute, perform and engage in both lab-based and field post postmortems. I also scribe and process data.


I have experience of veterinary procedures, strandings report writing and necropsy demonstration to undergraduate classes. In the demonstrations I organise and set up equipment, take photos and scribe.

I have lots of experience with Short-Beaked Common Dolphins, Grey and Harbour Seals and Eurasian Otters.

refill mumbles and gower - Refill

Here, I work with local champion, Ruth Cronin, to help organise events, advertise Refill and present at fair stands.

I help with community recycling, approaching businesses informing them of Refill and present in schools on behalf of the project.

My recent role is to manage Refill Gower. Here I will first begin by approaching and educating businesses and the public on Refill, asking them to ditch the plastic and become an official Refill station.

appearance - 'Every Second Breath', Cornwall, UK

I was approached by two Marine cinematographers based in Falmouth to star in their short film named 'Every Second Breath'. This film explores the ocean, its goers, advocates and the women devoted to its immersive life.

"Every Second Breath takes its audience on a visual and sonic exploration of the seas around Falmouth. Through its stripped-back, natural soundscape and stunning cinematography, the film immerses its audience in a seldom seen world in an emotive and poetic journey."


"This film follows the thoughts of four women who depend on the ocean for its physical and mental benefits and are passionate about protecting it from the pressures of pollution"

View the film on Vimeo here:

volunteer and public speaker The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Swansea/Bridgend, UK

My background and experience is very marine based, so as a volunteer I am invited to give marine science and photography presentations and workshops at our spring and winter meetings.


However, as an active member, I also take part in reserve management at work parties, training days and habitat and species specific surveys.

I am currently undertaking the Local Landscape Link Training, advancing my skills within terrestrial habitat management. Here, I take practical modules dedicated to learning and managing different ecosystems and habitats e.g. woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and up land.

I also learn tool maintenance, management plan writing, interview practise, job applications for conservation and lead work parties.

During the course, I am on call to undertake surveys and other training sessions, with the most recent being Wildflower ID and survey techniques.

Please contact me here for a CV request or commission.