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With an interactive presentation, using plastic props, the team first introduce marine plastics, making the learning process fun and creative.


Using a hands-on and question-answer approach, the children learn to understand the scale of marine plastics in our environment, their impact and how to help and mitigate the problem.


Snippets of Vinny's award-winning film 'COALESCE' is shown after the presentation.

Through out the film, our team pauses to ask the children's thoughts, incorporating questions previously covered during the presentation.

Here, the children can start to use what they have learnt during the presentation and apply it first hand, combining lessons and visuals to gather a better picture of marine plastics.


At the end of the short film, we begin a short and fun discussion of what we have learnt, recapping and connecting our presentation and visuals.

To finish the workshop, we offer a competition. The theme of this varies. The prize includes a 1-hour SUP lesson with Vinny who is a qualified instructor.


EXTRA: A scheduled trip to the local beach  to undertake a beach clean with the class.


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"A multi-disciplinary team, lead by a behavioural ecologist, with expertise in marine science and award-winning environmental filmmaker"

Madison has a bachelors in Marine Photography and an MSc in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology. During the start of her career, Madison spent four years developing her skills as a marine photographer, traveling the globe to photograph marine life and document the challenges our marine habitats face.

Undertaking multiple expeditions, photographing in places from Iceland to Australia and having many opportunities to work alongside Nat Geo and BBC filmmakers, Madison has extensive experience working professionally as a marine photographer. Her love for photography, but also behavioural ecology, allowed her to further study a Masters of Science. Combing both her expertise in Photography and academic background, Madison has been able to work with multiple research non-profits as a research assistant and be approached to work as a photographer.

Madison is passionate about effective science communication, specifically educating the younger generation of marine pollution. Alongside her studies, she has worked with The Wildlife Trust as an active volunteer and public speaker, is an on-call Marine Mammal Medic and Necropsy Technician, a PADI Rescue Diver with various specialties, a #Refill for Mumbles and Gower educator and a Marine Wildlife Guide on board a jet propelled RHIB.

Madison Bowden-Parry - Founder

Vinny Stelzer - Co-Founder

Vinny is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Swansea, UK. With a background in Marine and Natural History Photography BA (Hons) and freelance work with his own company (Tide Visuals), Vinny has extensive experience in all marine photography and outdoor style film making.

A recent project of Vinny's has documented Marine Plastics within our environment. He has worked alongside The Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Your Shore Beach Rangers to film his own project named COALESCE, a film that documents the problems of marine plastic and the dedicated people that devote their lives to doing something about the problem. COALESCE has been accepted and previewed in many film festivals, alongside a book release.

Vinny uses both his camera and drone to capture stunning imagery, is a graphic designer and is extremely passionate of using imagery to convey an important message to his audience. Visit to view his work and for commission.